Brave User-Agent Identification


It appears there is some history regarding the Brave user-agent identification and the fact that it once existed but was removed years ago. I am fairly new to Brave and while I did some reading on the history of the user-agent identification I am curious what others thoughts are on the user-agent identification.

I am asking because I was having a discussion with a company I consult for who hosts a web site that has a fairly high amount of visitors. We were discussing him signing up as a Brave Rewards publisher, so he was curious how many visitors to his site were using Brave. After looking through a year of visitor data he did not find any visitors using the Brave Browser. Anyhow after doing some testing I let him know that the Brave user-agent identifies as Chrome and without looking into it further we could not identify Brave Browser users.

I am guessing the consensus is that identifying via the user-agent would cause more harm than good, however when considering there may be other potential Brave Rewards Publishers doing the same type of check and then not wanting to spend the time becoming a publisher because they do not believe they have ever had any Brave users visit their web site.

Looking forward to hear others views on the Brave user-agent.

-daky :metal:

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In short, there’s a plan for Brave to have it’s own UA. :wink: