Brave took over 270 bat from creator account

So after getting suspended at the beginning of the month i sent two messages to brave regarding my appealed Bat that was in limbo. Based off of one reply from Brave my case is closed with no chance for me to reply. They did not even understand what i was saying they stated i was asking for a “no grants” restriction. when all i stated was if i tipped myself a grant there was no easy way to see this from the browser version. I wanted to get the communities opinions of this. Why do i get no chance to respond to a verdict that takes them forever to reply to? I feel pretty scammed since they probably are just going to take my bat for their own personal gain. welp there goes all my bat i earned gone in one swoop. Brave is a lot lamer than i had first thought though. But at the rate of how much they pay you out as of now. you wont get 100 bat in 4 machines in 4 months.


*This is hectic i see but all i know is ;you get a tip from others not you tipping yourself. I do believe there is still a chance set a table with the Brave. I wish you all the best!.

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