Brave sponsors the Joe Rogan podcast

I was listening to an episode of the Joe Rogan podcast today and Brave was a sponsor.

Why is this important? Joe Rogan reckons that his show is downloaded about 200 million times per month across all platforms (I’m guessing this includes video streaming of full shows and clips). Of course, of these millions of downloads, only a fraction of the audience will hear the ad (AFAIK the ad is only available on the podcast and not on Youtube, etc.), and again only a fraction of the fraction will actually try Brave. Nevertheless, the audience potential is many times larger than more traditional forms of advertisement and engagement.

I wonder will Brave see a spike in downloads?

Good Job, Brave team!


@LMG really Joe Rogan reckons show download 200 million per month across all platforms? Seriously just downloaded, the fraction often try Hero Brave is sponsor the Joe Rogan podcast +++ OMG :star_struck: this is a great news for me​:scream_cat: wow this is I not mistake yes? Ok let good to try guys…,:point_right::money_mouth_face:


@ wphakawan Yeah! Rogan claimed it himself this episode. Of course, when it comes to statistics the devil is in the details but I don’t have any reason to disbelieve him.

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@ LMG Good Morning From Australia and thank you for your answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

@wphakawan, good night from Ireland :wink:

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Joe Rogan is yesterday’s news :wink: … lol

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Joe Rogan’s podcast would be a good place to address privacy issues on the internet. He does cover litterally everything.


Shame the sponsors don’t make it to YouTube. Wow , the ad is really well presented!

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I think the ads became better the more times he read them :slightly_smiling_face:


wow, that’s really impressive