Brave rewards is not working on my PC or smartphone

I have been using Brave for six months on both my PC and Android smartphone. The problem is that I’ve never received any advertisement from Brave and thus, haven’t earned any tokens. I live is Brazil, which is available for receiving tokens. I have literally no clue on what might be the problem or how to solve it.


Hello Antonio!

Unfortunately ads are restricted by region. Therefore, if ads do not appear, is because there are little to no advertisers in your country.

P.s.: I also live in Brazil. It took me a week to receive Brave own ads. I just got to this forum because it was an ad.


Oi, Antonio!
Você ativou as recompensas nas configurações do navegador?
Você abriu a conta no uphold para receber as moedas? Pode ser isso também.
Você pode abrir as configurações das compensas e dar uma olhada se tem alguma propaganda aguardando para você clicar no link. Tem uma lista de anúncios que aparecem ali nas configurações das recompensas, que daí você clica e dá os bats.
Espero ter ajudado!

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Please forward your issue to – official support site for Brave