Brave Mobile Problems

How to connect my android brave browser to uphold account? I lost all my months BAT on my mobile…Just because I cant sycronyse my movile to pc or to connect my mobile to uphold account…

You can’t. Yet. Wallet verification support for mobile is coming.

Also, for future Brave related question/issue, feel free to open it on – official support site for Brave.

Hello, please I have a question. I have downloaded the Brave Browser on my Android phone and have been using it for about two weeks now. I have been seeing the ads but when I tap at the BAT icon at the top right to view how much I have gotten, it will keep showing:
Your Wallet… 0.0 BAT
No activities yet this month.
But I have been seeing and views many ads. But when I tap at the Settings button and it takes me to the Brave Rewards page (the Ads section), and I tap at the “View details” it will show me that I have "Estimated pending reward…7.3BAT/1.53 USD. Ads notification received this month…146.
Please how can I use my pending accumulated reward BAT to only tip my preferred verified site/publisher.
I have switched auto contribute off. But when ever I want to tip my preferred verified site/publisher, it will show that my Wallet is 0.0BAT.
And also say that the verified site/publisher is not yet verified. But show me “Send A Tip” of 1BAT, 5BAT, 10BAT.
Please how can I solve this problem?