Brave for Africa

We are stepping in the Brave world without regrets, since the inception of the internet this will be the first time a browser like brave exist, Brave is not only concerned about making money, they are concerned about the privacy of users as well as caring for their hard working content creators, this is not only caring brave also respect it’s users by letting them decide what they want, I will be happy to see brave go above tech giants like Chrome, why not? It’s faster, it’s blocks those trackers that follow you behind without your knowledge and it allows you to only support content creators you want.
What else did we need? I hope all Africans and the rest of the world download this wonderful browser, and I’m also pleading to the Brave staff to add African countries to the list of supported countries on brave ads, in other to support us the content creators from Africa.
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Support for brave from Africa (Nigeria)


Hi mate, it’s really nice to read you! I wanted to send you a little tip but there is a warning on your banner saying NOTE: This Brave Verified Creator has not yet configured their account to receive contributions from Brave users. Your browser will keep trying to contribute until they verify, or until 90 days have passed.

Thanks for your kindness @bidetaggle i was confused myself until I read your reply, some people also mentioned that they tip me but sadly I never received it, I’ve been trying to verify with uphold but they’re a real pain in the neck, I don’t know wether it’s because of Android or not, they keep refusing to connect to camera and the Android apps always refuse to install after download.

From my memories, I didn’t have any issue to be a verified creator, it just took few days to wait once I applied for it. But I don’t remember exactly what was required to do so. Can you tell me more about your issue? Why do you need the camera? I think I did it through the browser on desktop.

Note: Although I can understand the choice of passing by a third party like uphold for KYC and funds management, I’m a bit disappointing since it doesn’t fit with the idea of a free and decentralized system that a blockchain carry originally.

Brave doesn’t remove the track you left soo…
brave block the ad but not the track, you are follow.

Mark that suggestion search count your previous link. That new for me :frowning_face:
Try to delete your track like delete your history and suggestion search to see what i’m talking about.

Hello @bidetaggle I am already a verified publisher, the issue is with Uphold, they want to verify my ID documents and also I have to take a photo live in the browser to complete the verification process, didn’t you do something of this nature when you were verifying on Uphold?
The problem is my PC has no cam, so I only have the option of trying it on my Android but since I keep trying, I can’t successfully complete, I will upload the documents and when it is time to take a picture, there site give an error message that it can’t connect to the Camera and the whole session just abort but i allow all the permissions . I try downloading the app but it failed to install after successfully downloading it on Playstore it says failed to install try again, it such a hectic process altogether, I will love to hear your contributions on this.

Yes, now that you say this, I remember, I think I did it on Desktop, not with the phone. Did you open a ticket to uphold? You can also explain them your situation on their reddit:

Let me know how this evolve.

I hope in the future some guys fork Brave and carry this project to only use smart contracts and bypass all of this old-fashion third platform that, in my opinion, deflects the purpose of a token based reward/advertising economy.