Brave developers deceive users?

Can I expect all my mobile BAT to be stolen again immediately after receiving it on the 5th?

When will the team behind BAT and Brave Browser figure out how to implement the same code for BAT withdrawal on desktop as is on mobile? Or are they not implementing it for hidden reasons?

Is BAT actually a decentralized cryptocurrency if nobody on mobile can use it without the permission of BAT developers?

Is BAT a decentralized cryptocurrency if you must have an uphold account which verifies your identity?

Something is very suspicious here, I have serious doubt that the auto-contribute bug was an accident in code. It simply doesn’t make sense. It seems likely that Brave developers are figuring out ways to profit off of stolen BAT in yet another elaborate crypto scam.

There is no good reason why after so long that mobile users STILL have their assets frozen, and now, stolen. A plausible issue for developers is that most BAT is likely generated on mobile phone as opposed to desktop. This creates an economic situation that BAT developers may not be equipped to handle.

If developers still can’t make this work, will they ever?

Not sure what you mean by “stolen” BAT @maxblaschke. My thought would be an auto-contribute bug perhaps. If you’re encountering missing BAT, I’d encourage you to reach out to our support team on We have staff monitoring that forum and they can help you there. They would need additional information to help you get to the bottom of this.

And, if it is a bug, the devs will work on getting this patched so you and others don’t have this issue in the future!

Each platform has a different timeline for development and we worked on getting this out on desktop first. Other platforms are in the works. It’s coming!

You can use BAT outside of mobile, if that’s what you’re referencing here. You can purchase BAT on many exchanges if you wish to do that. We don’t have a lock on the token.

You do not need an Uphold account to use BAT to see ads, or donate your BAT to creators. If you choose to withdraw BAT, you will need to setup an account with Uphold. This is due to KYC and required by law.

We are open source and we welcome you to check our code here. You’ll see all browser versions listed there (iOS, Android, desktop (all of our builds)). You can also check our Transparency Data Feed here as well.

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