Brave Computer Wallpaper(s)

I feel like being nice to my Brave friends, you guys, once again (first was setting up an unofficial Discord server) so I made this collection of Brave wallpapers. You can have the collection.

There is one wallpaper so far, I’ll need to add more to the collection, I want ideas to do so maybe the next Brave wallpaper will be towards Firefox next? :smirk:

If you want official Brave/BAT wallpapers, they are at

The first background might get an overhaul, have it as it is as of now

  • none, it’s released to the public lol
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Why? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Ah yes, thanks for asking. The first background is made entirely from Paint . net and I thought about making it neater in GIMP. The size is quite small because this was done on my school laptop. The only issue about remaking the picture is I do not know how to use GIMP yet. It is required for me to start learning how to use GIMP anyways

I’m all for that learning to get away from Paint, and have downloaded GIMP so I’d best get started eh? hahaha
I’m loading your background and thanks for the image.