Brave chat? (Discord maybe?)

I think it would be a good idea to keep this forum as an official site for posting ideas and concerns, but we should probably also make some group to just freely chat about Barve. Maybe create a discord server? I use discord all of the time with my association: it’s super easy to use, you can assign roles (with certain roles having access to channels, while others don’t) and it’s in general really simple to organize and to maintain. It would serve as a free-writing area for just chatting bout discord and talking on voice chat as well, as it is kind of difficult to just freely talk with someone on this forum, since you have to make a post and everything.


Hey @Creator_111, we had a Telegram channel a bit ago but we changed it to announcement only. It had a ton of users in it and it was… challenging. :slight_smile: The maintenance became quite a bit!

How often do you have one-to-one voice chats over Discord?

And, what about this format makes it more difficult than Discord? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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i talk one to one and groups all the time on discord … but also miss the telegram group but love the forum … i think discord is the way to go until a open source discord like app comes out

but yeah if your not really talking in a channel the forum makes better sence i think ¨

I mean, as DanishCrypto said, I think it would be super useful for 1 to 1 talks or group talks without having to set up anything considerable. Plus, it would be quite nice to have some way of unrestricted chat, in the sense that you don’t have to create an entirely new thread to ask a question, you could just go over to #suggestions on discord and write it down. It would also help to have an unmoderated flow of people talking and brainstorming, again, without needing to create an entirely separate reply.

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I did make an unofficial Brave/BAT Discord server a while back, you can join mine if you like:

In my server, you can post your Brave referral in the referral links channel (with approval). The more Brave referrals you own, the more roles you can get.


Telegram was good for 1:1 chats, but it was overloaded with spam, airdrop scammers, etc. It had to be watched around the clock which took several people. The setup isn’t considerable, but the maintenance was.

Here, at least you can post something and someone can come back and see it easily months later. In chat, your message is basically gone minutes later. :slight_smile:

There are unofficial chats like @WoomyLord has, and we support those, but we do not participate in them. (I applaud @WoomyLord for setting it up! :clap:)