Brave Browser Discrepancy On Smartphone and PC

Hi there admin.Gotta question for ya’.I’ve already synced both of my smartphone and pc together.And today it’s already the 5th of Nov.Why is it it’s not tally even though it’s the same individual account? On my smartphone ( left picture )…it says…I’ve already got 20 BAT token grants claimed but no indicator stating that my wallet is verified.On my pc ( right picture ) on the other hand…it says 0.1 BAT ( got it from previous month ) but sadly no new BAT token grant to claim even though it’s already the 5th of Nov. Nonetheless…there is an indicator stating that my wallet is verified ( did KYC/AML and passed ).Why is that sir/madam?

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is it not 2 different wallets?

If thats the case…then why gave people the option of syncing 2 different devices if its not for the purpose of merging both of the account/wallet so as to let the Brave dev team/admin knows that it’s the same person behind both of the account/wallet.

I think the sync is for Bookmarks.

@reshzdang1 Brave Sync is for bookmarks and not for syncing wallets. If you wish to sync wallets, you need to use your backup wallet key to sync this with another device.

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I have not seen an option on mobile to backup or restore keys any advice?

Yeah…me too.As far as I can see…there’s no option for us to do that.

And then another thing.Why is that I only received the BAT token grant on my android phone only and not on my pc for it’s way passed the 5th of Nov.Gave my attention when surfing sites on Brave browser on both of my devices.Is it because one wallet is verified and the other is not?

I can confirm that I have not received my BAT reward either, and it’s 15 minutes to midnight of 6 Nov. I’m a verified Brave Creator for several of my different websites / social outlets.

Edit: It’s never a good idea to post anything without proofreading XD

I am show option clamin rewards and click on claim but not complete loading process only loading and after click on back and check again then not show claim reward option

Wait you can time travel? :wink::grin:

Are you verified with Uphold? If so, maybe just give it some more time.

I am verfied everything and last month payment also recive

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@Sunny3639 This sounds like you’l; require Brave support. Please head to for assistance with this. Our support staff can help you there.