Brave Browser bugs


I’ve been using Brave for about a month now on mac. Really like the interface and BAT integration. Very similar to chrome but feels like it runs quicker. In browser support for torrents is great and zero youtube ads works awesome.

However, I have had some grief from a colleague when we were working on an MVP on wordpress, and brave stopped a google studio iframe from loading. When I turned off the shield setting it worked fine. Took over an hour to work out what was going on!

Other issues I’ve found is running expenses - uploading pdfs doesn’t work, and loading pdfs on trainline doesn’t work, so I find myself reverting back to chrome…

Once these issues are fixed I can’t see myself leaving Brave.


@Standy, great finds here. Would you be willing to document these issues and post them over at ? This would be helpful so we can get these bugs knocked out!