Brave BAT (International)

Hi I’m from Africa-Mozambique, I’ve been using Brave Browser since last year, but I only received reward of 0.24 $ only a month after installed the browser and activated Brave rewards, but since then it does not gimme none reward, it’s says something like… the Ads are not available to my country, is there any ways to earn BATs on this situations?

That doesn’t seem right. Are you on your computer a lot? It may be that you have not turned off your auto contribute. I am attaching a pic of my brave. The BAT I have earned is from last week. Keep in mind I am on my computer at least 8 hours a day. My work is 99% computer based.

. Notice that i turned off the auto contribute. It is on by default. Hope this helps. :moneybag:

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I turned it off on the 1st day I activated to earn Brave rewards

Any changes since? Don’t know the amount of time you are on your computer either.