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Hi I’m Justin. New to the official BATCommunity. For the past month, I created a group and a page in FB for brave browser users in the philippine community to share their exprience on using brave. (since I didn’t know yet there was an official community page for bat leaders all over the world) I am totally greatful to be with all of you here. :slight_smile:


Hi Justin!

Welcome! It is great to meet you. :slight_smile:

Since you’re interested in helping spread the word about BAT & Brave, I recommend checking out this post about how to become a BAT & Brave ambassador (“Regional Leader”): Interested in becoming a Regional Leader? Here's how!

As a BAT Regional Leader, you will receive resources and support from the BAT team, as well as merchandise to hand out at in-person events you host or attend.

Thanks and looking forward to working together!

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Welcome to the community @nygell17!!

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