Brave ads doesn't displaying in Windows 10

Hello guys. I have few days using Brave in my PC with Windows 10, hoping to grab some BATs while navegating, but ads doesn’t appear for me, and I just have taken 1 time. Never ever another ad displayed. I set correctly Brave notifications in Windows 10 (as priority) and still no ads. Any help?

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Attached some of my stats for this few days since i have the browser

you have to set your ads to 5 per hour

Already set (was one of the first things i’ve done after installing)


I’ve read that post and all is going fine with requirements. The thing I don’t understand is “…The goal is to show you privacy respecting ads that are relevant to the user in the right context (a “match” is found) – not to make sure that all users “see some ads” . Enabling Ads does not guarantee that you’re going to see ads – if the system does not find a match for you in the ads catalog, then you will not see any…”

The question is, how the system determines the relevant if Brave guarantees privacy no matter what? Should I use a less secure search engine like Google to being “in the catalog”?


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This one have the answer


Hi, Please check in settings of Windows 10 >> Notification & Actions >> Notifications >> Scroll down to Brave and select all options to show the alerts and notifications of Ads… This helped me as well to get the ads.

Make sure you enable the Ads in Brave and check these settings of Windows to get Brave Ads

Since this forum is not allowing me to upload any screenshots, I couldn’t upload the exact pictures for easy understand.