Brave Ad Rewards Unstable

Hi Brave Team,
Brave Rewards, to see Ads on brave browser are not working properly.
I get 3-4 Ads daily, but 1-2 hardly gets rewarded, may I know why is it so ?


open ad history, view every ad again. Capture


Capture 01


I see tow status “Clicked” and “Viewed”.
When I click on “Clicked” Ads, it does not change status to “Viewed”

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it’s also happen to me, i watched the ad again, with in 24 hours reward amount changed

you must wait ad pages fully loaded
scroll down end of the page

i will try my best find any other solution

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well Brave rewards work fine for me but there are not very much adds coming and therefor low rewards

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Depend upon your country
Depend upon your online spend time
Number of ads will be change

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esto lo experimente en diciembre y me sentia algo molesto, pero luego me di cuenta que fueron llegando poco a poco hasta quedar perejo con el contador, puede ser una falla, pero si los pagan todos

I experienced this in December and I felt somewhat upset, but then I realized that they were slowly arriving until they were lazy with the counter, it may be a failure, but if they are all paid

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I still face same issue, Re visited all ADs, but nothing gets updated. I am using MAC

check system requirements

Don’t install any extensions
Check brave browser is up to date
Check system drivers are up to date

For technical issues I recommend to write

Not happening with me. I saw more than 10 ads, only 4 got rewarded. Not working properly

I am updating browser regularly, but reward problem is across all devices whether it’s Mobile, Mac or Windows, I am not getting rewarded for each Advertisement , Out 5, hardly 1-2 rewards are adding to the wallet.

After upgrading to 1.4.95 version, I even cannot see Rewards History


After seven days reward history will be appear

You can see here
Exact number of ads and rewards (BAT)


If your problem is not yet resolved

State your problem here