Benefits of Using Blog Analytics

Hi guys!

I finally gained some momentum to regularly write new articles on my blog, which has been a struggle for a while. I found for me that setting myself up with a simple blog analytics tool, that I can gather a lot of motivation from seeing the numbers grow slowly but steadily.

Been writing an article to sum up why I believe analytics can be very useful to develop and keep at it when it comes to writing consistently:

I never liked Google Analytics, as I found it way too complex, over-engineered and not transparent in terms of data tracking. And even more importantly — I do not want to send any data of my visitors over to Google. But I just learned that other solutions actually exist. :blush:

Also sharing a link to my analytics dashboard in my article, as I decided to make it public, because… why not? :thinking:

Would like to hear about your experiences and how using analytics has been beneficial to you and which solutions you are using to avoid Google in this regard.