Being defaulted to 5.0 BAT each month and how to withdraw?

Hello, Not meaning to grief or to sound aggravating towards anyone in the community. Only, I have realized the last couple of months when my BAT is due on the 5th, it defaults to 5.0 BAT in my default BAT wallet on Brave. I was due 5 something USD in BAT today, so should have seen 20 something BAT I guess. Since it’s refreshed for the new period I still see only 5.0 BAT. What gives?

I made an uphold account also , and can generate an ETH utility token address but see nowhere to link it, from my Brave Rewards page.

Someone said today in a chat room they’d managed to send $15 BAT to coinbase. Maybe I was misunderstanding and they were meaning the survey/s coinbase do (earn with coinbase).

I’m a simple man. I click ads for a couple of months from the Brave pop ups, thinking I’m earning/due a reward at the end of the month. Not seeing a reward here.

Hi @BATcollector

There have been slight delays when doing payouts. I would assume by now you should see that BAT in your account.

Right now the Brave wallet does not offer withdrawal capabilities. This will come in the future. In the meantime, you can use the BAT to reward some of your favorite publishers!


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Hi Dan.

Thank you for responding. After posting, I got a ‘Claim’ and I see ‘Earnings from Ads 30.1BAT 9.95 USD’ now when I click the BAT icon symbol. I wasn’t sure. Literally I thought I’d been skipped payment but been granted a random grant - As I read there are random grants. So it wasn’t clear to me.

So are all the monthly payments were rolled out this way? So I know?

Thanks again and thank you team.

@BATcollector If you’re referring to grants, they are not guaranteed every month.