Becoming BAT Regional Leader


I am interested to become regional leader for the Western Cape Province in South Africa. I have been using Brave for a while now.



I think as a community we have to get together and create a program like this. I dont see brave doing too much on this side.

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Hi all, we’ve temporarily put the BAT Regional Leader program on hold, especially during COVID-19, which has made hosting meetups quite difficult. However, we definitely encourage you to host virtual meetups (which you can do for free using, which is like Zoom but built right into the Brave browser) and to continue spreading the word about BAT and Brave :).

If we see quality engagement and participation in our communities (here, or on reddit such as and, we will recognize you by sending you free merchandise and adding a special tag/flair next to your name, such as “Quality Contributor”).


Am also Planning on becoming a regional brave leader here in the West Africa coast, Nigeria precisely. I just need to know the modalities needed to kick-start the movement.

Hi @chriscat,

That’s interesting :wink:
Thanks for sharing and I will try to become a BAT Regional Leader too

I’m new to this community, but im using brave for almost 3 years. i would also like to apply for the BAT Regional Leader here in our Province. When can we expect the next application for the position? thanks.


I’m totally a newbie on BAT community, but I would be happy to share an article about it on my blogs if only you are interested in such an offer
Here is the list of my blogs:
Blockchain technology
Artificial Intelligence
Financial instruments
Japan cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency games

Good luck!