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Hey everyone,

Feel free to post your ideas, issues, and suggestions on this thread here.

  • What would you like to see on the BAT Community forums?
  • Is something not working correctly, or not how you think it should work? (If you’re running into a problem, please be as descriptive as possible!)
  • What can we do better here?

Let us know here!



Hey Dan!

I absolutely love this website, and I’m super excited that I get to poke around before it’s publicly released.

I do have one suggestion… I’ll admit it, the registration page stumped me for a solid minute.

This is partially on me because I should have known I needed a password, but I didn’t realize that I could scroll down inside the registration form box, and that there was a password field I needed to fill out.

I can imagine at least one other person also frustratedly clicking the “Create New Account” button and wondering why it was greyed out :slight_smile:


Welcome Dan,
Thanks for the suggestion, I have made some changes to this form!


@daniel Great feedback. Thanks so much… great to have you on board!

Thanks @Stephen for changing that so quickly. You rock.


Hey Dan, (and Stephen? I’m not sure who gets a notification when I reply here :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have a few ideas after looking around a bit more and thinking about it some more:

  1. The homepage (batcommunity. org) is beautiful, but I think maybe there should be something there for a completely new user—maybe something like the pinned post in the subreddit, with a card that says something like “Wondering what BAT is all about? Read the overview here.” Or a bar along the top instead of a card, maybe? Not sure what would be best, but I’m imagining this site as a place to send people who are curious about joining the community in some capacity, so I’d want the homepage to be as beginner-friendly as possible :slight_smile:

(Sidenote: I see that there is a link to the intro post from r/BATproject under the /knowledge page, but I don’t know that I would think to look there as a new user.)

  1. Right now the forum.batcommunity. org domain feels a bit disconnected from the batcommunity. org domain. But this might be a good thing… I’m not sure. I guess in terms of navigation it just felt a bit off that I couldn’t get back to the batcommunity. org page to click into the different tabs at the top (Knowledge, News, etc) without deleting “forum.” from the URL. But again, maybe the forum should feel separate.

  2. The tabs on the homepage have inconsistent behaviours: News, Forum, Meetups, and Store all link to other domains/subdomains and open in a new tab, whereas Video feed and Knowledge link to other pages on the main batcommunity. org domain. There’s a good chance I’m just overthinking this, but I guess it makes navigation feel a little confusing for me (“What site am I on?”, “How do I get back to the page I was just looking at?”, etc.) when some things open in other domains/subdomains and some things are /pages. Maybe a little symbol next to the “new tab” links that would show the user it’ll open in another tab could help? Like this:

  3. I don’t know if you can edit titles, but I think you a word in this title @Dan :slight_smile: forum.batcommunity. org/t/interested-becoming-a-regional-leader-heres-how/36

  4. It might be a little confusing to have a News & Announcements section in the forum if there’s another page elsewhere ( that serves a similar purpose. Or maybe the forum one would be more focused on announcements regarding BAT as a platform to build on / integrate with?

  5. I’m probably writing much longer posts than the average new user will be, but I’ve found the “New users can only include 2 links per post” limitation a little annoying so far…(I’ve added spaces before the .org to meet the requirement with this post and I’m hoping that doesn’t auto-flag me as spam). I’m not sure if that number is something that could be loosened or not.

Anyway, those are the things I thought of for now.

Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:

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Oh, one other thing I thought of:

Can we send private messages on here or no? I see on my own profile that there is a “Messages” page, but I can’t see any way to start a new conversation with someone else.

I’d love the ability to do that within the forum, but I can see good reasons for now allowing that as well (every admin would probably get hundreds of messages about airdrops and partnerships all day long).


Hi Daniel,

Great suggestions! Including @chriscat so he can take a look at your feedback and review what’s possible.

Regarding PMs, can you try clicking another users display picture and let me know if the message button appears? This button should also be located on the targets profile page.

Thanks :raised_hands:


Awesome, thanks!

And yeah, I don’t see the option when I go to someone’s profile page. Is it possible that new users have limited access to this function? Or am I just completely missing where that button is? :sweat_smile:


Great suggestion on a BAT intro. Perhaps it could be it’s own page or point to a place on the forum.

True. Over time perhaps we’ll set it up so the navigation stays the same at the top. Nice suggestion!

Definitely understand what you’re saying and can see how it could get confusing. Much like the navigation, this is something we can look to do as we grow and tweak the site.

You can edit, and I fixed it. (Well, as an admin I can fix it.) I believe you can do this as a non-admin too. Thanks for the heads up!

Good point. We’ll need to discuss how each of these areas function and if they’re redundant.

Regarding private messages, it seems to be your trust level. Once you have a certain number of interactions on the site, your trust level will be raised and you can private message.

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Awesome, thanks for your response!


I think the bar at the top is a great idea. I will implement this. I’d like to have a really beautiful or landing page linked to by this banner. This landing page include the content of the intro post, but ideally with more visual media, that explains BAT.


Very cool—I’m excited to see how it turns out :smile:

Would be great to have that page as a place to send newcomers instead of (or in addition to) the intro post.

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As Dan mentioned, trust status must be level 1 (basic user) in order to send messages. This is to prevent new accounts joining and spamming other people.

To obtain basic user status, users must:

  • Open 5 topics
  • Read 20 posts
  • Spend 10 minutes in website


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I agree with the creating an account. I eventually put my shields down, and then created the account.

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Hi Dan,
I love the forum. Very cool.


Hi. guys

I just have signed up and got a question when I sign up.

Is there any reason “password confirm textbox” missing?

I could not check my password correctly input when I submit that form.


Welcome Andy, unfortunately the platform does not allow us to add the “confirm password” field. The reason being, making forms longer means that someone is less likely to complete it.

The solution here is asking the user for an email address (and you typically confirm your account with it) — so if you typed your password incorrectly you can reset it to your email address.

Interesting article on the topic -



I don’t see how to start a new topic here. Yeah, I’m nnnneeeewww.
So, let me say that I very much like using the Brave browser, getting the BAT for enjoying good ads and suffering the bad. And it was easy to sign up to get into this BATcommunity forum. BUT –

I haven’t been able to finish the signup to be a Brave creator and use Uphold. Why? The “premiumSMS” method of confirming email and phone. Why not offer a choice of method? I have normal SMS but not premiumSMS, and for good reasons I am not going to pay for the privilege and be on one of those networks.

Again, the point is the need for a different, more universal method of confirming/authenticating.

Thank you.


Oops. Have I made a mistake? Is it the 2-Factor Auth that’s the problem for me here instead of premiumSMS? Ugh. I have tried to get into a few different things in recent days, and both of those have stopped me thus far. As you surely gathered, I don’t do “smart” phone, and I don’t like Google etc. But I very much do want to participate in the whole BAT eco and other crypto-currency activities. MUSIC With A Purpose is my main pursuit, and I have easily set-up other things, such as an account.

Final thought for now: There’s too much “KYC” in crypto. Notice the contradiction in terms? Signing up for crypto-related accounts is too much like signing up with the government. The whole original and true purpose of crypto is a reaction, aversion, to what our government(s) and fiat-bankers do against us!


Hi @PATTON.45, are you having trouble on the Brave Rewards side, or the Uphold side?

If you’re having difficulty with the Brave Rewards end, head to this section of the Brave Community forums to post your issue.

If this is regarding Uphold, you can reach out to them by going here.