BAT usage and earn

What is the best way to earn and use BAT coin? Is there any way to start using it as a public option to spend?

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Best way to earn is via ad viewing. But right now that’s only available in US, UK, Canada France …maybe Australia/Germany? can’t remember exactly. If you sign up to be a Brave Publisher (very simple, you just need to sign up your social media channel), then you qualify to earn BAT via referring people. Just google Brave publishers and you’ll find your way and be signed up in minutes.
You can also join a blogging site called Publish0x and earn BAT there for both reading and writing content. BAT isn’t really spendable at the moment–that is forthcoming–but you can tip content creators with it or hold onto it for the future.

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@Tau You can earn BAT through ads, like @jmbsol mentioned. Ads are expanding to more regions over time. Head here if you’re looking to become a publisher through Brave.

You can use your BAT to reward verified publishers on YouTube, Twitter, their home pages, etc. If you’re looking for some examples, head to to check some out.

In the future, you’ll be able to use your BAT tokens to redeem for real-world items and also withdrawal the token if you perform the necessary withdrawal requirements via Uphold.

@jmbsol How does Publish0x allow you to earn BAT through reading their content?

@Dan, I’m not entirely clear the source of the BAT funds used to reward bloggers and readers there. Not sure if Brave has partnered w/Publish0x at all, or if the BAT fund is entirely an angel invested pool. But Publish0x is a crypto agnostic platform where both bloggers and readers can earn tips in the form of BAT, DAI, Hydro, and BNTY currently. The platform creators/moderators are big Brave fans. They had a writing contest recently called #SwitchToBrave…the top few winners were awarded a handsome amount of BAT (roughly $50 worth) I was away at the time or would have loved to participate.

It’s pretty neat there. The ‘tips for reading’ functions almost like a faucet as many don’t read all or any of the blog, but the creators know this and are okay with it. It’s new and evolving.