BAT Tip Content Creators When does it arrive

Can you let me know when and how one would receive BAT tips?

Is the amount sent say 20 sign up bonuus only given once a certain level of set up is completed. or is the 20 Signup Tip BAT not actually given if the person who downloads via a link and doesnt complete KYC with Uphold.


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Are you talking about the referral bonus for having someone download, install and use Brave via a referral download link? If so that is provided after some amount of use is verified during the 30 day period after install. The person installing Brave in this instance does not have to verify with KYC.

You may however be talking about the grant provided to Android users that I have heard of, but have personally never received. Also not sure about this grant and KYC, but sure someone else will reply with more details if this is the grant you are speaking about.

@Peckham are you referring to the referral program?

Hi Yes,. so i get 20 on an android device, i send that to a YouTube creator but then delete the app per say. what happens? does the youtuber get the BAT?

If i dont use the app or someone else doesn’t and they send me BAT for example do i get notified or are the BAT tips “removed”

@Peckham The Youtuber should receive the BAT you sent them during the next month’s payout.

For you to receive BAT tips, you need to signup for Brave Creators – There you will be able to see any BAT you have been sent over time. Receiving BAT does not require use of the Brave browser.

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