BAT Rewards problem

I had 0.10 cents and I won this reward, but I’ve restarted my PC and when I opened Brave again, my money was “reseted” now I have only 0.3 BAT, or 0.06 USD

And when I open the rewards tab this message appears (Wallet restored! 0.25 BAT was recovered.)
I know it’s a small amount, but idk what’s happening anyway


That’s the message

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And that’s my money after this problem…

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Hi welcome to the BAT community @zSirBull
Forward your issue to

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you have to take backup & save it.

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How to back up?

Go to reward settings and then click on settings icon above right corner then back up menu appears.

I don’t see it

Never mind.
I see it.
A bunch of random English words.
Thank you.