BAT in Coinbase not showing in browser

I think I had uninstalled and reinstalled, I earned the BAT on coinbase without having created an account on brave. How do I sync the two?


Yes I was able to earn some BAT from coinbase also. The BAT you received from Coinbase is stored in your Coinbase wallet. This is separate from your Brave Browser BAT Wallet. The BAT Wallet attached to your Brave Browser is for deposit only, and the tokens are only for tipping Brave Verified Publishers. If you wish to transfer your BAT from Coinbase to your Brave Browser Wallet, then simply open the Brave Browser, type in the following URL: chrome://rewards/
then click on the link that says, “Add Funds” with the wallet icon next to it. There you will be given instructions on how to load your wallet with BAT


Good to know, great information, thank you :smiley: