BAT Geo Availability

Hey guys, been using Brave Browser for over 2 weeks and loving it. Switched to it as a full time browser a few days ago and it’s here to stay.

I’ve done quite some searches and couldn’t find an answer.

Is the BAT system available in all regions? Specifically Venezuela? Are there some restrictions?

Thanks for your time!

@Sphere BAT available everywhere but the publisher account uses uphold as a payout and KYC. Uphold’s policy determines who gets paid out as its acts as a bank. Uphold currently has a no payout rule to sanctioned countries

Hi @Sphere,

Unfortunately, Brave Ads are geo-restricted to the following countries: US, UK, Canada, Germany and France. More geographies will be available throughout the year.

You can follow all of the latest news updates here at the BAT Community or through our social media websites.

Hope this helps!

Thanks @Stephen and @Dgenies ! It does help! I wasn’t able to find an official answer, only speculations in non-official blogs. This saves me lots of search time!

Is there a Country or Regional restriction for receiving content creator contributions from other users?

for receiving content creator contributions from other users? No country restrictions
but do read this

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Thanks @Dgenies for that link. That is extremely important, if not it can become a “scammed product” by the harm intended users and will lose real value, credibility and trustworthiness.

It will be great to sell Audio, Incidental Music, Stock Photos, Stock Video for BAT. I am constantly looking for those, and producing those, and to be honest, there are some products of those mentioned above at ridiculous prices. Be it above or below the mark.

I am a professional who sells that stuff, I would actually like to sell some of those in BAT. Some people don’t have 200$ to spend in one of the mentioned, professional products. But it would be in my interest to sell for less in BAT and keep the original prices in Fiat currencies.

I think an easy method, click, auto-pay, and download instantly would be best. No mayor trouble or time consuming methods.

Hope this suggestion helps out.