BAT/ETH and BAT/BTC chart

Seems that BAT/ETH and BAT/BTC pairs have bottomed.

Expecting an uptrend like today in the following weeks/months to reach targets.

What’s your opinion?

Check this out:

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As long Brave does not improve its marketing system, it will remain at steady and slow climb. There is not enough incentive to buy BAT tokens, although more and more people are using the browser.


Anyway, BTC profits will start flowing into ALTS in the following weeks if BTC does not do any aggressive movement.

$XLM, $DOT, $LINK, $ADA and other many ALTS will see an increase in their BTC and ETH value soon after their bottoms.

We can see it already in XLM, bottomed days ago.

Big new might be coming for $BAT, $LINK, $XTZ and many others.

BAT breaking out!

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