BAT Community Weekly Update : 4/12/19 to 4/18/19 -- Brave Rewards on Android, 24 Hours of BAT, Internet Archive announces BAT earnings


Brave Rewards (opt-in BAT tipping) now live for millions of users on Android!

Brave Rewards is now available in the latest version of Brave for Android (1.0.91). To download it on your device, please visit the Google Play Store.

To celebrate this new release, Brave will be allocating 100,000 BAT grants (each grant is the BAT equivalent of approximately $5) to our Android users. Grants can be received by clicking on the “accept” button in Brave Rewards.

BLOG: “A worrying adtech exemption to California’s new privacy law”

Brave writes to the California Senate Judiciary Committee, opposing a new adtech exemption in the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA). Brave also co-signs today’s letter from 28 technology companies supporting the Privacy For All amendment to fix loopholes in the CCPA.

ARTICLE: “Back to Advertising Basics with Web3 Powered by Blockchain” on AdMonsters by Luke Mulks (BAT Team)
The explosion in the blockchain-based marketing landscape over the past 18 months has brought an interesting dynamic to the already complex world of digital advertising. There has been a lot of hype, a lot of hot air, a lot of learning, and a few solutions showing early promise around this new and emerging technology.

COMMUNITY: Join us on April 24, 2019, for 24 Hours of BAT, a global meetups event for BAT & Brave fans around the world!

On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, volunteers from around the world will hold BAT & Brave meetups in their region for 24 Hours of BAT, a global initiative to draw attention, interest, and adoption to Basic Attention Token and Brave. Scroll down to find one in your area!

The goal is to create a BAT & Brave wave—to take social media by storm, flooding it with photos and videos of BAT fans from around the world who’ve come together to learn, teach and celebrate the ways in which BAT & Brave are revolutionizing the web.

Check out the full post to find out if there’s a meetup happening near you!:

COMMUNITY: The BATProject Subreddit Hits 25K Subscribers!

Hurray! We would like to thank each and every one of you for being a part of the BAT community. Your contributions, from discussions to posts and comments, to upvotes, shares, photos, videos, etc., are all part of what makes r/BATProject such a great place to be!

BROWSER: Check out the new, totally redesigned Settings panel in Brave!

Featured Creators:

First We Feast with 5.7 Million Subs is now a BAT Verified Publisher.

Koit (280k subs) is now a verified Brave browser publisher

BAT verified Twitch streamer, usually does single player/indie games and talks constantly with chat! Glad to be a part of the community now a verified publisher (1MM+ users)

Client Updates:

Beta Channel v0.63.45

Dev Channel v0.64.56

Brave Team Tweets:

Brave rewards is live on Android!

BasicAttentionToken @AttentionToken Brave Rewards is now live in today’s version of the @brave browser for Android (1.0.91). To celebrate, there are 100,000 @AttentionToken grants available for users so they can start rewarding their favorite content creators! Apr 17 2019

The Internet Archive has earned the equivalent of $2500 USD in BAT!

BasicAttentionToken @AttentionToken Great to see @internetarchive receive “more than 9k Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) – the equivalent of $2500 USD! Every little bit makes a big difference.” Apr 15 2019

It’s time to take your own steps with privacy.

BrendanEich @BrendanEich @giventowaltz @alex_wykoff “It’s time to panic over …” is funny in context. It is not time to panic over privacy, it is time to take steps on your own. @brave Apr 16 2019

Brave VPN is coming…

BrendanEich @BrendanEich @icybubba @getongab @McLeanBen @AttentionToken @brave VPN coming - not free because that means scraping or ad-infecting or worse. Apr 17 2019

Ready to be creeped out? Check out this video by Brave’s Johnny Ryan:

Dan Murphy‏ @heydanmurphy Just watched @johnnyryan’s talk at the European Data Protection Supervisor’s 2019 conference on disinformation. Seven minutes in, get ready to be creeped out. See the video here: This is why you need privacy. This is why you need @brave. 7:57 AM - 12 Apr 2019

Quick video on how to tip and support sites!

Luke Mulks @lukemulks Check out how easy it is to tip and support the @latimes with @AttentionToken directly in @brave on #Android. You can even setup monthly tipping, directly from the browser. Privacy :heavy_check_mark: Security :heavy_check_mark: Revenue for publishers :heavy_check_mark: Brave :heavy_check_mark: :100: $BAT Apr 12 2019

Luke writes an Op-Ed (See below for the article!)

Luke Mulks @lukemulks I wrote an op-ed for @AdMonsters on how #web3 provides an opportunity for #advertisers and #marketers to get back to basics. Excited to help deliver on that promise with @brave and @AttentionToken $BAT Apr 18 2019

Johnny outlines Senate Bill 753, which proposes exceptions for servicing and auditing of ads. Read his series of tweets starting here:

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan Here is Senate Bill 753. It proposes an exception in the CCPA for serving and auditing of ads. Apr 16 2019

Brave co-signs Privacy for All.

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan We at @Brave co-signed a letter from 24 tech companies in support of Privacy For All, an amendment to fix loopholes in the #CCPA #privacyforall Apr 16 2019

Johnny returns a keyboard… Due to privacy.

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan @Razer_TheFiend @Razer I do not believe it is acceptable to require that I accept this policy (which I have read in detail) before letting the user access the features that should be available at first use. I have returned the product. Apr 18 2019

BAT/Brave in the News:

The web pioneer taking on Google with a private browser and a loyalty club

Brendan Eich’s Brave browser is designed to make browsing faster and more private—and though it blocks ads, it has a plan for paying publishers.

A “Brave” New World

A couple of years back, the Internet Archive signed up to be a Brave ‘creator’. Brave, the web browser that prides itself not only on its speed but also its commitment to privacy and security, launched a program where anyone with a website can get paid by its users. So if you install Brave and spend time on, you can express thanks in the form of a tiny tip, right there in your browser.

Last week, we hooked up our cryptocurrency wallet to our Brave creator account. Those tiny micropayments that Brave users had tossed into the Archive’s virtual tip jar had accumulated, growing into more than 9k Brave Attention Tokens (BAT) – the equivalent of $2500 USD!

News You Should Know:

Ecma International‏ @EcmaInternatio1 Ecma Fellow awards honoured Brendan Eich and Allen Wirfs-Brock for their major contributions to the ECMAScript (JavaScript) standard. This first presentation of the Fellow awards recognizes individuals who have served Ecma for a long time in an exceptionally outstanding fashion. 6:06 AM - 15 Apr 2019

Facebook says it ‘unintentionally uploaded’ 1.5 million people’s email contacts without their consent

Facebook harvested the email contacts of 1.5 million users without their knowledge or consent when they opened their accounts.

Since May 2016, the social-networking company has collected the contact lists of 1.5 million users new to the social network, Business Insider can reveal. The Silicon Valley company said the contact data was “unintentionally uploaded to Facebook,” and it is now deleting them.

Back to Advertising Basics with Web3 Powered by Blockchain

The explosion in the blockchain-based marketing landscape over the past 18 months has brought an interesting dynamic to the already complex world of digital advertising. There has been a lot of hype, a lot of hot air, a lot of learning, and a few solutions showing early promise around this new and emerging technology. Blockchain-based advertising solutions have presented bold visions that aim to prove that they can disintermediate, bring transparency to the supply chain, reduce fraud, and bring new opportunities to market. With much focus on the immediate problems that this technology aims to remedy, there’s a more fundamental shift taking place in the evolution of the web toward a new, user-controlled web3 Internet.

Roaring Fans:

MikeFromTheUK @BuyDigiByte Thanks, @brave for the grant! Apr 18 2019

Marc ‘obiwan’ Jacobi @marcjacobi Trying out the Brave browser. @brave So far very nice. Apr 18 2019

Josechangez @josechangez @mrjasonchoi @brave Best browser ever Apr 18 2019

Lewis 2018 :bear: fighter still standing @Nomadicbushido Thank you @brave just received my #BAT grant. Much appreciated Apr 18 2019

From Reddit:

I switched to Brave full-time after using firefox for 3 years. (on PC)

Huge Thanks to the Brave Community & Team

Love this line by Brendan Eich, catchy :stuck_out_tongue: