BAT Community Weekly Update: 07/12/2019 to 07/18/2019 — Guest AMA w/ Alex Wilson & Patrick Duffy, Co-founders of The Giving Block, Jonathan Sampson at e-Commerce Brasil

GUEST AMA: We’re Alex Wilson and Patrick Duffy, Co-founders of The Giving Block. Ask us anything!

The Giving Block helps nonprofits with all things cryptocurrency and blockchain. A technical solution for fundraising cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, education/training and developing meaningful partnerships with organizations in the space. For nonprofits who choose to go the extra mile, they advise on crypto fundraising strategies, and/or pair nonprofits up with partner crypto organizations, elevating fundraising and awareness outcomes. Ultimately, they help nonprofits build a crypto fundraising program, and a brand in the cryptocurrency industry.

GUEST AMA: Upcoming Guest AMA with Corey Caplan (CEO) and Adam Knuckey (COO), Co-founders of Dolomite (July 24, 2019)

Dolomite aims to make it easy to trade crypto right from your personal wallet. Dolomite is a non-custodial exchange, meaning you never need to deposit your crypto onto the exchange or even into a smart contract, and your assets only leave your wallet once the trade is completed. This keeps your crypto safe from exchange hacks while also eliminating deposit times and withdrawal limits. Dolomite also comes with a built-in portfolio tracker. By entering just your public wallet address, a detailed portfolio overview is generated for you with the value of your holdings over time as well as trades and transactions you’ve conducted from that wallet complete with cost basis.

Learn more about Dolomite and submit questions for Corey & Adam, here:

BAT Community Merch Giveaway Winners!

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  • Monday (Reddit): EddyTarantulo
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  • Wednesday (Facebook): Leo Ferrey
  • Thursday (Contributor Special): effrtlss

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CREATORS: Pic from the recent Content Creator workshop in Balikpapan, Indonesia (hosted by BAT Indonesia)

Client Updates:

Dev Channel v0.68.104

Beta Channel v0.67.111

Release Channel v0.66.100

Release Notes

  • Fixed Chromecast configuration - it no longer initiates UPnP connections by default. (#5070)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 75.0.3770.142. (#5253)

Android Channel v1.1.1

  • Fixed several websites not loading correctly when Brave Ads has been enabled. (#1844)
  • Fixed crash when ads notification is displayed and Brave isn’t running. (#1839)

Brave Team Tweets:

Brave has the same DevTools as Chrome. And, Android will have a desktop features.

BrendanEich @BrendanEich @magicspon @alex_mayorga @brave @Twitter Yes, check it out for yourself. Also we are rebasing our chromium-forked Android on brave-core, the same basis of desktop Brave, so Android will have devtools, extensions, more (think of first class Brave on Chromebooks). Jul 12 2019

What should you know about Brave? Well, here are a few things:

Sampson @BraveSampson

Lots of positive news about Brave Ads on Android. Here is what you should know:

• Off by default

• Surface as OS notifications

• 70% of revenue to the user

• No data leaks

• Matched on-device

• Matching improves with time (Machine Learning)

• You control frequency Jul 13 2019

The CTR for Brave ads are how high?

Sampson @BraveSampson A couple figures that blow my mind: 70%, and 22.3%. Users who opt-in to private Brave Ads receive 70% of the revenue for their attention. Brave Ads, which leverage machine learning and pay the user for their attention, have yielded a 22.3% CTR―10x the industry average! Jul 13 2019

Sampson presenting at the Technology and Innovation Forum!

Brave Software @brave Tomorrow @BraveSampson will be presenting at the Technology and Innovation Forum of @eCommerce_Br to discuss @brave’s privacy-by-default model and funding content on the Web. Details here: Jul 17 2019

BAT/Brave in the News:

A Feisty Google Adversary Tests How Much People Care About Privacy (Features Brave!)

Gabriel Weinberg is taking aim at Google from a small building 20 miles west of Philadelphia that looks like a fake castle. An optometrist has an office downstairs.

Mr. Weinberg’s company, DuckDuckGo, has become one of the feistiest adversaries of Google. Started over a decade ago, DuckDuckGo offers a privacy-focused alternative to Google’s search engine. / Theta Network announces advertising partnership with Brave browser

Starting today, two of the most widely-adopted blockchain projects will be joining forces for an advertising partnership: Brave and / Theta Network! / Theta will become a Verified Publisher in the Brave browser, while Brave will become a sponsor on, running ads along side our top streamers.

News You Should Know:

Facebook is embedding tracking data inside photos you download.

See the thread on Twitter here:

Hey, Google, why are your contractors listening to me?

The audio clips have included people’s bedroom sound symphonies, their kids’ or grandkids’ voices, payment information from transactions, medical information they divulge when searching on their ailments, and far more.

Roaring Fans:

Writer NaSo @NChozhan You can import cookies, history and everything into Brave from Chrome. You dont worry about installing Brave, just migrating to new browser. I love @brave browser. Jul 18, 2019

Laurence @LGWillmore Replying to @DVG3012 @Sammy_Mittal and 3 othersYa, I dont really “use” BAT. But I have brave rewards on, and if I look at a private ad I get some BAT. I have auto contribute on. So if I have earned some BAT, then the creators of the content I consume get some. Free, private, funded internet. Jul 18, 2019

Chip Zoller @chipzoller Have to say, really loving @brave on mobile. It’s lightning fast and with a robust ad blocker right out of the box. Switched from @googlechrome and never looked back. Jul 16

From Reddit:

The Brave Browser is getting more and more popular. I’m so happy to see so many others switching from Chrome