BAT Community Weekly Update: 04/26/2019 to 05/03/2019 — FAQ about Brave Rewards & Ads Support, Brendan Eich at Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., Brave hiring a general counsel


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IMPORTANT: FAQ about Brave Rewards & Ads Support

Client Updates:

Beta Channel v0.64.65

Dev Channel v0.65.78

Brave Team Tweets:

With Brave, users remain anonymous to us.

BrendanEich @BrendanEich @tomskiweb @MBobnificent @rallyqt @brave Users remain anonymous with us — only those who want to withdraw have to KYC, and as we do not do the KYC (an arms length partner, starting with Uphold — we have Civic plans too — does it), there is no loss of anonymity. Also no browser history linkability, so no tracking ever. Apr 28 2019

Hooray for great ad partners!

Luke Mulks @lukemulks Having contextual ad partners like @BuySellAds is a key piece on a new alternative path forward. @toddo and team have been excellent to work with, and am really excited for BSA to be a featured partner with our @Brave #Ads launch. Apr 26 2019

When are rewards coming to Thailand?

Luke Mulks @lukemulks @BrendanEich @KhunSanchez @brave Aiming for end of year. Apr 29 2019

Johnny comments on a California amendment that could impact people’s intimate details:

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan If this amendment passes, then data brokers will be able to sell on people’s intimate details about without restriction, so long as the sale purports to be for security or antifraud reasons. Apr 29 2019

Cryptomining against users is basically extinct.

Sampson‏ @BraveSampson Cryptomining became a thing in September of 2017. In that same month @brianbondy updated the @brave browser to auto-block all drive-by mining attempts.

Today, in 2019, @Malwarebytes announces that “Cryptomining against consumers is essentially extinct.” Apr 30 2019

Brave is hiring general counsel:

Johnny Ryan @johnnyryan We are hiring a general counsel for @Brave May 02 2019

BAT/Brave in the News:

Johnny appears in the New York times and mentions voter profiling:

“In the next election, I think it is inevitable that every single voter will have been profiled based on what they have been reading, watching and listening to for years online,” said Johnny Ryan, the chief policy officer at Brave, a private web browser that allows users to block ads and trackers.

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News You Should Know:

Brendan Eich appearing at Global Privacy Summit in Washington D.C.

Our CEO @BrendanEich will be at @PrivacyPros Global Privacy Summit in D.C. this Thursday to discuss why companies no longer need to follow a surveillance model to succeed.

The Terrible Truth About Alexa

“I read through a history of everything I’ve said to Alexa, and it felt a little bit like reading an old diary. Until I remembered that the things I’ve told Alexa in private are stored on an Amazon server and have possibly been read by an Amazon employee.”

One Country Blocks the World on Data Privacy

Data privacy experts and regulators in other countries are questioning Ireland’s commitment to policing imminent privacy concerns like Facebook’s reintroduction of facial recognition software and data-sharing with its recently purchased subsidiary WhatsApp, and Google’s sharing of information across its burgeoning number of platforms.

Roaring Fans:

Crypto_night‏ @Manimj You got to love @YouTube . If you visit YouTube you will get hit by more then 99 trackers and ads at the main page. Use @brave browser. #SafeBrowsing May 1 2019

ShriramKrishnamurthi‏ @ShriramKMurthi Remember those early days of using Chrome? Back when the Web felt fast? I’ve been using @brave for just about six months now, and it feels like that again. [thread»] 9:50 AM - 26 Apr 2019

Ryan Ford @rynfrd just viewed a @gitcoin ad on @brave. it’s cool to see legit blockchain projects like these interacting and progressing together :+1:t4: @BAT_Community @AttentionToken May 02 2019

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Just got my first non-crypto ad!

Just got an AD for Vimeo Stock. Woah.

We hit 100,000 publishers 5 days ago, we are now over 111,000. Huge growth!

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