BAT Community - South Africa

Hi all. I’ve just joined the BAT community after using Brave for a few days.
Are there any South African groups/online communities to find out about your experience, how Brave rewards have been working out for you and any general advice/guidelines specifically related to users in South Africa.
I’m keen to join in and learn lots more

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Unfortunately I can’t offer advice specific to South Africa but here in the US it is working good for me. I am always on my computer and click on the ads as they show up. Some ads have been useful and others not so much. Not sure if you already created your Uphold account but you will need to in order to receive your BAT. Uphold is pretty easy to use. What’s helped is using other platforms to earn other crypto like Blockgeeks. You get to learn more about the crypto world as well as earn while you do. I would highly advise getting a hardware wallet. The best on the market is Ledger. Look at the differences of their products before you make your choice. Hope this helps! :moneybag:

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thank you @mtmrw. I have already started earning BAT, albeit only the beginning stages. I have an Uphold account and it’s verified. I just need to learn how to transact using BAT and Uphold. I also need to link the accounts properly between desktop and mobile as the two devices aren’t able to sync just yet.

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Hi Evan_ZA. I’m glad to find the first other South African on this forum. I’ve been using Brave and BAT since middle of last year and monitoring global progress etc. The potential for it’s application in the SA digital environment is quite substantial for various reasons. We ideally need to setup a regional group for SA to promote exposure and explore potential applications locally.


Good to hear from you @gregdix. I have only been using Brave browser for about 2 weeks now. I am slowly earning some BAT but I am still quite new and so I am trying to wrap my head around a few things.

Hey @gregdix. So, I wanted to find out. How do I claim my the Brave rewards?

Currently looks like this but I am not sure where to go?
Also, what would the next step be for me to actually take any advantage of BAT?

Welcome to the community. Hope we all can help you achieve your goals.

Hello Evan

I’m from SA as well, from Jan till Mar I managed only 3 BAT, April about 20, May was a struggle due to unexplained bugs, but I still managed about 8BAT. You will get a payout notification early next month for payment into your web browser. Keep using Brave in all your online interactions with the web and your earning will gradually increase.

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@Starchd Thanks for the confirmation! I see the notification has finally come through.
Any further advice on what the next step would be once I start earning? What are the options for us in South Africa?

I’m also still learning and haven’t connected with any BAT community in our country, but you can also earn through your Twitter, YouTube account, by linking it with Uphold wallet, referrals are also an option. The best way is to do your own personal research. Also make sure that all your social media platforms uses Brave to open any links you might be interested in.

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