BAT/Brave News Sources


I not only wanted to share a couple of websites I use to follow Brave and BAT, but also wanted to see what other news sources people on the forum use to check out the latest Brave or BAT news. Many of the sites below are likely known by most people on this forum, but I wanted to create a single location for lots of news sources so others that are new to Brave and BAT could locate information easily.

Brave Forum

BAT Growth

BAT Twitter

Brave Twitter

BAT Blog - News

Brave Blog

CoinDesk - Basic Attention Token

CoinDesk - Brave Browser

Yahoo Finance - Basic Attention Token

There are tons of sites but wanted to give an overview of what would keep people up to date on BAT and am also looking for other non-standard locations people use to get BAT or Brave Browser news.



Here are a couple more. If anyone else has any sources not listed please post them. I am trying to soak up as much BAT knowledge as possible.

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so goood good , my english is poor

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