Basic attention token Explorer

Hey folks

I have been building an explorer for BAT and the ledger , might be helpful for some

so please take a little look




Nice @37Shadesofgrey! Just took a look at it… Glad to see you’re verified. :slight_smile:

I’m seeing blanks when I try to pull up a transaction. Is there an issue here? If there is, I want you to know about it!

Hey @Dan

I will take a look at this today and see where the issue is

I think the API has renamed a few params

Thanks for the heads up

Hey Dan

Please check again, all should be firing now

@37Shadesofgrey Looking better now!

Great job on this. Are there other projects you’re working on as well?

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Still got lots to do hear , Want to make it mobile and allow for people to start viewing the ledger, Id like to see BAT moved off the ETH network and moved to its own Block chain

I’m sure you have plenty to do!

What advantages do you see for BAT to be on it’s own blockchain versus the ETH network?

I think for me and how I use it I feel it will be a clearer blockchain in terms of getting data out, Also with What stellar are doing with there blockchain BAT could improve of that and have a much faster network.

From an API point of view really narrowing down in a ETH API to just get BAT data can be a challenge as there are multiple tokens

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