Basic Attention Token Earn

how to get BAT from Ads??? i don’t understand.


Keep browsing the brave community. all on a sudden you will be notified to watch an ad with a notification . click on the notification. that will carry you to a web page. just read through the whole or a part of the page. than go another page of you like. than get off the add.


so little ads, 1 day just have 2to3 ads


thank you for your answer :pray:

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Have you set the number of adds you can get? Click on “Brave Rewards” (the triangle in the upper right), then click on “Rewards Settings”. In the Ads box, click on “Ads Settings” and click on the number of ads you wish to see per hour. Hope this helps! :blush: This reply is for datle.

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Open your brave app everyday… That’s all. Xd

Its normal if your outside US or Canada

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If it you interact with that page, meaning, open some links there appears or play some video in that web, you get a little more of BAT because the interact.

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welcome man, it will be okay.