Background Images

Hey guys. I started getting in my Brave Browser the background images.

Complete message:

“You’re getting paid to view this background image.Learn more about sponsored images in Brave Rewards.Hide sponsored images”

But I’ve been clicking and not seeing any BATs pop in my account. That for about week or so. Is that how it works? Or is it passive?

Also, good choice of ad. Totally relevant to me and to my business.

Found this link in Braves Twitter that explains how this works if anyone was wondering the same.

cheers for that twitter link, RT with comment in English Portuguese and Spanish. Wife is from Brasil so my network is part Kiwi-Braz_Oz. Plus posted info on Facebook. Spreading the word.
Lia was a Crypto Sceptic at the beginning but when I made her watch The Coinbase Earn BAT tutorial. She told me she liked that one and we both have been using Brave ever since.

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