Attention reward to low

After testing for 4 weeks to see how much you can earn with max ads allowed (5 ads per hour), I have only earned 3 BAT. It seems like Brave only pays out ~1c per ad.

I believe the ad rewards will need to increase before the general public will see it as worthwhile. What do you all think and have you seen similar payouts?

I’m not really using this web browser for the add rewards but to get back my privacy on Internet. Those rewards are bonus for me and maybe it could worth something one day if the token price increase…


There has been discussion about this and it may change in time. As an example, an ad for a mortgage could payout more than an ad for a fancy coffee cup.

The number of ads in your location may be impacting how much BAT you are receiving. For instance, if you’re in Ireland, our catalog may be smaller there at the moment so you’ll see less ads than in other regions. (But rest assured we are working on this!)


Thanks for the clarification, keep up the great work! Its great to see that this is being worked on.
It would be an amazing browser even if the attention rewards didn’t exist as @Goldenmat mentioned.