Are there small advertising packages for $5- $10?

Are there small advertising packages for $5-$10 ? Its very important not just to target only the big fish in the market but also we the small fish- i mean the low income earners and with very small advertising budgets like for $5-$10 also to be considered in your advertising system.

Our contribution may not be to make you get richer. But could generate you enough money to run your platform expenses.

So, do not take us for granted. Why do i say this? i tried to check your advertising prices and so that you accept advertisers for budget from $2500 and above



When the self-serve available = (I believe) yes. It’s in the works.


Advertisers who would prefer to run smaller campaigns will be added to our waitlist and be notified when our self-serve platform becomes available.


Thank you for the quick response. Lets hope that it will be sooner than later because for sure, we the small fish been left out in your advertising system.

For the small fish, making the system to enable buying ads pack of for example 1000 ad views would greatly help.

Thanks once again.


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That is spot on brother :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :raised_hands: :clap: :clap: