Are there any tips to get people to tip you?

I tried doing that but so far no one has tipped me. I am quite sad. All the tokens that I earned from mainly comes from referring people. Are there any tips, team? By the way, if I share this video in Twitter, or Reddit, will someone tip me? Link:
I had received some positive response that it is intriguing but they didn’t tip me.

@edmondoh001 Keep in mind few things:

  1. Brave is still a niche browser. Most of Internet users uses Chrome/Firefox/Opera for now, so they cannot tip.
  2. Even if someone uses Brave, not necessarily uses Brave Rewards or BAT at all.
  3. If someone uses Brave and BAT, it doesn’t imply they tip anyone (they turn off auto-contribution and withdraw their BATs for themselves).

Remember, if someone tips, it’s because he likes the content you create. You need to make good and interesting content to get attention of people. What’s more, you need to reach your audience: they can’t tip you if they doesn’t know about your content. However, it’s important to make your marketing strategy not intrusive and insistent. Find communities where people can be interested in your type of content (and don’t highlight that you count on money from them).

Brave and BATs are still not common in the Internet culture. It takes time and work to promote this web browser and new possibilities which comes with that.


Great points and wonderful advice @Krylan!

@edmondoh001 I checked out the link you provided as well. We don’t provide a tipping feature on Daily Motion, so people would need to find out one of your Brave-verified social accounts or your website and then offer you a tip there. Your best bet would be to verify your Twitter, Reddit, YouTube channel, website, etc. and post content there. This will give you the best chance of someone leaving you a tip!

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