Anyone from Malaysia?

Would love to connect with any Malaysians here!


Me :hugs: I’m Malaysian for sure

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Hi Elphiels! I’m from KL. Where are you from?

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Hello…im frim malaysia…im sarawakian

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Hi epitome!! Good to know you!

Me! Proud to be one. I’m from kl.

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Hi Kingezra! How are things?

Me from malaysiaa …

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Kristian here from CoinGecko, I’m In Malaysia too!! Loving BAT since ICO lol

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Bro,Myself Zahurul From Bangladesh
I am a fresher at BAT Community
Would u please help me

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Hi Piju! Are you from KL?

Hi Kirstian. Good to know you here. Looks like we have a few Malaysians here! Are you holding any BAT?

Hi Zahurul, what problem are you having?

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I dont know the usefullness of BAT
would u please explain??
But I am from Bangladesh

Why not, I’m from Darjeeling.

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May I exchange these coin in money?

Hi Zahurul, you can use an exchange to trade your BAT assuming you have an account with one of the exchanges. At the moment, the only crypto exchange I know in Malaysia is Luno and I don’t think they support BAT. If you have some ETH, you have more ways to convert your BAT to other tokens of your choice. If you’d like to convert your cryptocurrencies to RM, your best bet is to first convert them into ETH, then send them to your wallet at Luno and cash out in RM.

@zahurul Sorry forgot you mentioned you are from Bangladesh. I don’t know much about the players of cryptocurrencies in Bangladesh, so can’t really advise you on that… But the gist is that you’d need to convert your BAT into a commonly traded cryptocurrency like ETH or BTC, then convert them into your local fiat currency. Good luck!