Anybody having issues with BAT token payout

I have viewed the last 11 ads or so on my phone and I have received no BAT payment. It is stuck on 4.3 BAT. I will do a print screen of each viewed add and place in this feed.

The payouts to your in-browser wallet should come January 5, 2020. If you click on your ad settings you will find pending amount that will be paid on that date.

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Hi @BimsBet!

Here’s what you should expect to see with Brave Ads (example):

  1. You enable Brave Ads in your browser via the triangular BAT icon on the right of your URL bar.
  2. You begin seeing ads in the form of notifications every so often during your browsing experience, based on your frequency settings and whether there is an available match.
  3. Each ad you see increases the Ad notifications received this month counter in the Brave Ads component in your Rewards settings. (On mobile, this information may be under “view details”.)
  4. Each ad notification received increases your Estimated pending rewards count, in BAT. (Note: BAT does not immediately appear in your main balance.)
  5. On the Payment Date (the 5th of the month), you will see a button that says “Claim Ad Earnings”. When you click this button, your earned BAT (in “Estimated pending rewards”) will be deposited into your Brave Rewards wallet and reflected in the main balance. The BAT you earn by viewing ads will only show up in your main wallet balance once it is claimed on or after the 5th.

Hope this helps!

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Hey Jennie, way off girl. But thank you for the help. I have already received 2 lots of monthly payments lol

I will u8pload a few photos to show you what is going on, it is minor but it is not how it was when first using Brave.
Picture 1: Still stuck on 4.3 BAT on main screen

Picture 2: showing the add from today ( First time I have seen this ad so you kn ow it is a fresh print screen)

Picture 3: See how i have to go all thr way into my account then add s section to get my real Balance

I may have said it wrong in my first comment, there is actually nothing wrongs with payout. It is just showing the wrong balance after clicking the triangle to view balance…

Thankyou for your reply, I have already received 2 monthly payouts, so I know how this works. cheers

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