Any one can help me to know what happen

Iam try to re autorize to my uphold wallet account but they cant

Not sure if this will solve it but have you registered an account with Uphold? If not you need to register with them. Once verified you can withdraw funds. If you need some more info go to: Hope this helps.

But I have onfo wallet

I have a birthdate on my Uphold other than my ID card, do I have to delete this account and make another one?

I am not sure but as it is a service that verifies your credentials I’m sure that the discrepancy / difference will raise some flags.

Try to contact support on the website. Go to Profile - Preferences and click on the support link or leave a message in the chat window on the bottom left of the screen.

Now i have done with uphold my account back to normal , And now i have new question , if my friends tip to mee how long i receive the tip to my publisher , your answer is help me

@Paradische Payouts occur once a month.

@Joselio123 Definitely reach out to Uphold like @BlokStax suggested. If you continue to have issues, please head to for additional support!