Any musicians here? Share your music and receive 30 BAT!

Listen to my track! Thanks guys :smiley:


Thanks to everyone who uploaded a track, if I missed anyone please get in touch. I have extended the promotion to 100 users and created a page for the promo:

You may need to refresh the app with a hard reload by pressing Control-Shift-R

Please share!

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Only saw this today this is awesome , please see below my latest track with adress in description



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Hi there here is my youtube channel i play guitar bass vocals and keyboard:) all recorded and shot at home registered and uploaded. cool site heres my link!!!

Thanks, nice track. I’ve just run out of Eth to pay gas fees so I’m going to have to buy some more then send you the BAT.

Edit: you didn’t leave your BAT address, if you update your track and put it in the description.

thank you glad you like the track!!! we upload weekly on youtube ill make sure to try to put audio versions on your site too:)

updated with BAT address too

Here are my latest productions:

Please send the BAT as a tip to my Brave enabled website 'cause I did not get a link when I tried to sign up at Mixolicious. Thanks!!!

I just need to get this off my chest and maybe hand out a reality check, I certainly needed one.

This promotional idea was going well, or so I thought. I was onboarding new users and listening to their creations day by day, and happily paying out the BAT as promised. Then a few days ago someone wrote to me to let me know that they had been scamming me by uploading random music found the internet, and in total had scammed me out of $250 worth of BAT which they immediately traded to BTC. I checked the logs and researched the transactions on the Ethereum network and sure enough it was true. I then deleted all accounts they had created.

I guess I was naive not to assume someone would try this. As much as I love crypto, it sure does bring out the worst of humanity. These people are everywhere, looking for opportunities to take advantage of others, and I suggest to stay vigilant and critical of everything and everyone. I will continue the promo and will advertise it in the future but I will be more discerning about what people upload.

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Cool idea!!! I am excited!

I am signing up now and uploading my first track!

Edit: I have uploaded one of my EDM track feel free to check it out!

Thank you very much!! I look forward to the future of your Service!
my wallet address


Is this promotion still available?

Wow man that’s straight wrong…sorry that happened. I will upload a song of mine as soon as I can. It’s instrumental though and in the beginning stages is that ok?

Sure, I’d love to hear it! The site is a bit quiet at the moment, I’m just developing/experimenting with some new features and I intend to start advertising soon.

Hey, thanks for the opportunity for first off getting little known musicians/producer’s names out there…it means a lot as a community.

I don’t know if you’re still doing this promo or not, I read above what happened and it disgusts me that there’s people out there willing to take advantage of kind hearted people…karma will certainly take a toll on them in the long run

Anyway, here’s one of many beats I’ve made

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Here you go dude hope you enjoy my music

edit no genre for Ambient music :wink: great idea btw

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Nice tracks. You forgot to leave your BAT address., if you give me your address I’ll send over the BAT for you.

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That’s a bummer that someone attempted to take advantage of your promotion.
Here’s my Soundcloud page:


I truly appreciate what you’re doing and look forward to seeing where this goes.

Best of luck!

Bert aka Dox

Hi Bert, you have to create an account and upload a track to Mixolicious for the BAT promo.

Got both of those tasks accomplished.