Answer tell me?

Which verision best for brave
Brave normal?
Brave beta?
Brave nightly?
Which is besf for all

I am using the nightly build it receives updates almost everyday

It depends on what is your definition of “best”.
Brave Nightly is most likely the alpha version. You will receive updates for the browser every night. The improvements sometimes make it work better, and sometimes not much…
Brave Beta is, being redundant, the beta version. You will receive updates with some features that are not entirely stables…
Brave “normal” is the stable version. The updates will ocurr once in two weeks, with most of the features working properly…
Lately, there are working and testing a project that will reduce the captcha’s instances, in example. Only at Nightly, for now…
Maybe there are more differences, but these are that I checked.
I hope you enjoy the experience :grin:

Brave beta sürümü ödülleri vermiyor,mail attım ama cevap verilmiyor

Thankyou for tell and please update me personally when ads are higher
And please tips as bat recived?