AMP project highlights underlying issue

When using Brave on Android, I’ve noticed a lot of the news articles using the AMP (Accelerated Mobiles Pages) project to optimize the mobile experience. This is great, but I believe it’s causing issues that unveil some important aspects we’ll need to address with Brave publishers. is not a Brave verified publisher, but “represents” Brave verified publishers in some cases. For example, the Washington Post, which is a Brave verified publisher.

Taking a step back for a second, here’s a screenshot from my Android’s Brave browser showing how much attention I’ve given ampproject, and below it how it appears on mobile and desktop. (Note: I can only upload one image so forgive the “run-on” image. You’ll have to click on the image to see the whole thing.)

So the WaPo article on Android isn’t verified, but I know it is verified when I look on my desktop (OS X) browser. In truth it’s the subdomains that I am really visiting and giving my attention. (Example:…)

Also, it seems that this redirect to the AMP version happens when I try to load the original URL on my phone. So in short: if I read a great article from this Brave verified publisher on my phone, I could not tip them and have it resolve to the true publisher because ampproject is getting in the way.

I’d like to keep this forum topic to this subject, but I will suggest that this points to a greater issue with Brave verified publishers and the need for some form of analytics. A basic table of attention would go a long way to solving this problem and others. (Others that I’ll keep out of this post so things don’t get off track.)

Date       Attention (atn units)   Subdomain    Path
11/14      19 atn                  mikedotexe   /blog/happy-thanksgiving
11/15      3 atn                   www/-none-   /careers/current-openings

If there were something like this available on the Publisher’s dashboard, it’d be possible to separate attention by path and/or subdomain, making it possible for all kinds of things. (Example: 60% of the attention received on our company site was directed at technical blogs written by Yan Li who spent a ton of time writing them. Let’s keep that in mind.)

An in the case of accelerated mobile pages using, perhaps some automated transfer of BAT tips could occur in the future. But currently as it stands, it’s really blocking verified publishers from tips when viewing content on mobile. :grimacing:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone


This is an excellent post. Thank you for raising.

We will need to run some checks across platforms, but the AMP content does appear to create a bit of a wrinkle that we’ll need to investigate further to determine the best temperature to iron out.

Love seeing these types of posts here. Please keep it up!