All good things are... five, I guess

Hi everybody!

I posted this already in two other threads and PMed two of the responsible guys here - but they seem busy, so let’s try it here:

I would really like to become the regional leader for the Lisbon area!

Is this position still free? If not, who is the current leader so I can get in touch with him or her?

I have a background in digital marketing and want to grow into community management now - and I want to support this whole project, which combines privacy, fair advertising, block chain technology and crypto assets into one cohesive whole.

Please let me know how I can get involved here!

Best regards


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Hello @schmoxx,

AFAIK the program is currently on hold – no new application – since the team is “re-working” the RL program.

Thank you very much @eljuno for this info, that’s good to know.

I am still a little irritated that nobody I wrote to in that regard communicated this to me.

Anyways - thanks again for telling me!