Alguno me ayuda con las notificaciones de brave / Someone can help me with brave notifies

Cuando yo entro en google chrome y luego de permitir las notificaciones a alguna pagina por ejemplo facebook me aparecen las notificaciones pero en el brave no

When I go to google chrome and after allowing notifications to any page for example Facebook notifications appear but in the brave not

Go to the brave rewards settings and make sure that Brave rewards and ads are active.

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if it is set up you should receive a notification that looks like this for ads.

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no is this,i want see the notifies of or

I don’t understand what you mean, twitter allows tipping and so does YouTube, but I’m not sure what notifications you are talking about.


this is the chrome but i not see this in brave

Make sure you haven’t accidentally blocked the notifications for certain sites. I did this once by mistake. Click on brave://settings/content/notifications and remove sites from the “block” category if they are there.