Advertising in Brave

Hi, I’m a video games producer releasing a game in a month or two. I’d like to advertise inside Brave, however there is no information about the procedure anywhere. Is there some sort of agreement to be made, or is this advertising system automated somehow? The only thing I can do on the site is register my company and see what comes further, though I’d like to see some overview first. Is there some YT video about it? Documentation? Anything?

Hi @tDp, we’d love to have you advertise with Brave. You can start advertising and find more information by going to :).

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There’s no information I’m asking for on this site. I’ve been there before. Or am I missing something?

I recommend these videos to get an overview:

Overview explainer (recommended, especially second half where you see the ad platform in action):

Secondly, our webinar explainer (go to Donny’s portion, who also does the explainer above):

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