Ads History Troubleshooting

It’s strange, when I clicked on the Like button of a particular ad under 7-day Ads History the Ad didn’t show up again. When I clicked on the heart symbol of every Ad category shown on the right I stopped getting ads altogether. Only when I removed all likes and hearts did the ad pop-ups come back.

Please run some tests, guys. Thanks.

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I’m confused by all the various options here. It appears you can opt out of certain ad categories. Makes perfect sense. The rest, not so much. We can then upvote or downvote certain ads…meaning what? it functions as a sort of request to continue to see them or not see them? For what purpose if we’ve already had the option to opt in or out of certain categories?
Then there’s a “save” option. Again, for what purpose? (Edit: I guess if you see an ad that piques your interest but don’t have time to look into now? ok that’s sort of interesting thiking)
And a "mark as inappropriate,’ option. For what? I would assume all ads have already been vetted by Brave for appropriateness, and we already have up/downvotes and category opt out, so what on earth is this?