Ads click-through rates revealed :)

Hey everyone, not sure if you’ve seen this video, but Johnny Ryan (on our Brave team) showed off the clickthrough rates for Brave ads compared to other platforms… prepare to be very surprised!


Woah… that is amazing.

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I am sure many are going to argue that the reason for the click-through rates are because of the paid incentive, but isn’t that the whole point? Getting advertisers user engagement and giving users incentive to discover new products on the market or a new service. It is a great ecosystem that could really change the way ads are targeted to audiences.

Except we don’t really get paid for clicking … Guys, you’re on the wrong path! So obvious! You are either trying to rip people off and make profit or very unprofessional. You’re thinking big, yet so many problems within your ecosystem are not being addressed for almost a year. Your house is on fire and you’re looking back at your own ego, admiring how great you are…how wonderful the idea is… while people feel helpless… This is what BRAVE is right now.

MANY MANY users don’t get paid for their time spent on watching the ads! A real issue!! So many complaints unaddressed. It’s impossible to progress this way.

In other words, false propaganda, big ideas, terrible implementation. I was a huge supporter of Brave, but now I feel I need to beg for the time I spent clicking on the ads, as there is no reward given…BAT rewards just disappear into thin air. Almost as if we’ve been scammed. I can’t believe your platform makes us feel this way. If you don’t wake up, this is irreversible. Yahoo style… Uphold, blatant fees… So many NO NOs.

Brave saving time? Really? I waste so much time and energy writing this, because I am naive and I hope you guys wake up before someone else comes and eats you…

Brave is supposed to be a community…but right now… I see many people going away because you look in the wrong place!!

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In fact, it’s so much more profitable clicking ads anywhere else…

How so? the fact that your data is captured, or maybe your shopping preferences tracked, I think you have missed the point here my friend… The beauty is you don’t need to click on the ads, ignore them if it is such a hassle, it is an option in Brave no?

I think what has happened here is greed has taken over many of the users true intention to engage with ads, may I ask how many of the same ads you might have watched in an effort to bank BAT? I bet like me you are seeing the same ads over and over, but you click because you might get paid, now ask yourself - is it fair to get paid for watching the same ad multiple times or would it be more fair if you only got paid for the first time you viewed the ad?

This type of eco-system is fairly new, and with that there should be some kind of patience regarding development and Implementation.

As for the people going away, its because they don’t believe in the product but want the rewards. I hear no mention of the anti tracking, or the fact that your data can be set to delete on exiting the browser, none of the actual benefits of Brave.


You’re basically confirming what I said earlier. Looking in the wrong place.

I never denied Brave’s strong points. This is why I am still here. But we cannot ignore major issues.

What many people addressed (me included) is that the rewards are not being given to users as stated.

You basically answered my query with something completely off topic. More than that you started judging me, calling me and others greedy (albeit indirectly) assuming we’re clicking just to make profit. Well, I only made about 5 BATs …call that profit!!! Sad part I never got to see them.

And the only way I can ignore ads it’s by disabling ads altogether, otherwise the ads are EXTREMELY distracting when they pop up…

So your solution is not to use the feature that is the most interesting and the most advertised.

Because we receive 0 shares for clicking on ads. Literally. There are many platforms out there who pay you for clicks. Ok, I understand that’s not the point of Brave, but it doesn’t justify the false propaganda.

Any business or community needs advertisement to increase in size. Brave advertises that it wants to fix the internet by rewarding users when clicking on ads. Well it doesn’t.

Brave has great privacy? So what, Tor does it better. Even Opera is great with its VPN feature. Besides most of us have no idea how secure Brave actually is. Most users don’t know any coding.

To summarise:

What Brave has unique (ad rewards) doesn’t work for many of us. I am patient, but this issues are not fixed since January.

How are we supposed to trust someone who says something and doesn’t keep his/her word? It’s like a boss not paying you for a months work because there is an “error in the system”. How convenient!

I don’t understand what you mean off-topic, you are talking about the rewards and my answer was regarding the rewards…

The primary focus of Brave as I see it is privacy and data security, the ads are just an incentive.

I really don’t know what to say, if you believe Brave is spreading “false propaganda” or they are trying to “rip people off and make profit or very unprofessional” then it is unfortunate.

I am not judging you, I’m just taking the information I have and making a conclusion, especially when I am guilty of doing the same thing. I click on the same ad hoping to get rewarded, but if 5 December comes along and I don’t get my 4 - 5 BAT or however much I really wouldn’t be upset. It is not like I had to work for it. It is definitely not the same as working 9-5 and not getting your salary…

I’m sorry if you feel offended in any way, not my intention.

I really do hope you get your BAT, especially if it changes your mind about Brave.

To clarify, users aren’t incentivized to click, since no BAT is received when you click. You receive BAT when the ad notification appears.

Still need to click the x button :slight_smile: Also most ads are duplicates.

Thanks for showing up Dan.

Can you please elaborate about BAT Rewards disappearing “into thin air?” What about this makes you feel like you’re being scammed? What is the “false propaganda?”

You opt in to ads, you receive BAT. Thousands of users are receiving BAT each month and they are using Uphold as their wallet. Please elaborate where you’re having challenges with Brave.

Brave doesn’t reward BAT for clicking. You receive BAT when the ad notification appears.

This statement is incorrect, @DreameD. Each month people are receiving BAT after seeing ads. You yourself said you made 5 BAT. :slight_smile: If you’re having difficulty receiving BAT, our Brave Community site can help with that.

You opt into ads, and you can also opt-out if you find them distracting and continue to use Brave ad-free. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you’re saying here about “issues.” What issues are you seeing with Brave? Or, are you hoping Brave works differently than it does today?

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Well it felt you are mostly answering by saying how great the privacy is, which had nothing to do with my post.

Thanks for your kindness though.

My contribution here is not blaming. All I want is help and to help. Many community members face this problem and are left with no clear answer.

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Oh so I still haven’t been clear enough. Are you taking the piss or maybe you just skim my posts because they are too long? Basic Attention hey…

I did not receive any BAT for October. It’s 9th of November 2019 now.

When I said I made 5+ BAT I meant that was the balance I had at the end of October and that disappeared “into thin air” or ether…on 5th of Nov or so.

My new balance starting from 5th of November has been reset and those 5 BATs are gone.

This an issue Brave users have from January 2019. I’m surprised it hasn’t been fixed yet. It’s an obvious big “issue”. I am clearly not the only one facing this. Please read the November topic about BAT rewards not being received…

You ask me to go ask for help in a place I’ve already asked for help (not just me) and no solution has been offered. In other words, ignorance. Wait… isn’t THIS brave community website? Isn’t this also a thread about ads? Definitely taking the piss aren’t you…

The scamming feeling reference comes as a result of: (roll play for fun)

Me + many others: Hey BRAVE!! Those pop up ads took a lot of my attention. Where is my reward?
Me + many others: Hello? You said users get rewards for letting ads spam their brain.

BRAVE: You can just disable the ads.

Me + many others: That’s not the point. I’ve already watched them for a month because your videos said we will receive a reward. I personally received nothing. Is this a scam? Advertisers pay you, but you don’t pay us?

Then…you say we don’t get payed / “incentivized” (as you like to call it) for clicking ads, but for when the notification appears. But, we still need to click on the X button for them to disappear if we need to see that portion of the screen. In many cases I did need to see the whole screen. Am I the only one who doesn’t let the adds to just hang there?

In fact I actually clicked on most of them and went to the advertised website, because I’m silly… In the add history it shows clicked/viewed on all ads. I was misinformed (my mistake) by your confusing words. I actually thought I have to click in order to receive the reward. In any case this is a distraction from the topic.

TIP: Maybe give extra reward for those who actually bother clicking? And extra extra for those who actually buy that product?

Disabling ads is not a solution!

I hope this time I was clear enough? Or maybe I need to express myself in a different language…

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@DreameD, let’s keep things respectful here.

We have a support staff that offers support at This part of the forum is for ads discussion and not for support. The Support Staff can better help you there. I do not have the ability to pull up any account information to help. If you can post the thread where you’ve asked for help on that forum and didn’t receive the help you were looking for, I’ll happily pass it along to the team.

Here it is:

This thread is a mess by the way. So many people have payout issues and barely enough support members to keep up the pace. I don’t know how they can take us 1 by 1 and solve these issues individually.

Yes, I fully understand this is not the thread to report issues. I think it’s an important matter though. Wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this.


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@DreameD An announcement was posted on Reddit here a few hours ago:
Please check out this post and follow the instructions if you need help! Hope this is what you were looking for.


Thanks! I’ve already emailed the team. No response in 3 days. Still waiting patiently.

On the side note, it’s funny to see how my complaining comments are being hidden from public view. I was offensive, it’s true, but I based all my comments on facts. There are so many people having the same issue for months. I really felt like you are taking the piss, as bad as it sounds. I guess I feel this way because I had higher expectations from BAT community/team.

Censorship may be necessary in some cases, but I believe I didn’t cross the line and made effort to explain my situation, in my own way. If I am being censored for expressing my feelings, I don’t want to be a part community anymore. Hiding is a sign of fear.

Many thanks for your inputs.

Respectfully signing out.

Hey @DreameD - Definitely give them a few days. I appreciate your patience. They’re working through a bunch of support requests at the moment but will get to you as quickly as possible.

I checked into the censorship issue and I see what happened. You were flagged by a user on the board which puts your comments into a “review” queue. I’ve just released those comments so they are public again.

Ok! You got me. I’ll stay :slight_smile:


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Everything got sorted! Thank you!

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