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I have a question regarding Adobe Flash Player.

I read on the internet that Adobe Flash Player is used less and less. Also there are or there have been security issues with Flash Player. I have Windows 10 with standard Windows Edge browser. In this browser I believe Flash Player is standard blocked, but you can use it if you really want, but I am not sure. But for some websites you still need Flash player??

So, now for the Brave Browser. Is Flash Player integrated in Brave browser? I tried to find it in the settings but I cannot find anything related to Flash Player in Brave browser. I did install it on my Asus Windows 10 laptop. Adobe Flash Player 32 PPAPI 12okt2019 20.1 MB version
Can someone explain me if I can or should use Adobe Flash Player, and if I can use it with the Brave browser at all. If so, do I need to add it someway with extensions or other settings? Even if it is better not to use it, I read that sometimes Flash player is still needed.

Thank you for enlightening me on the subject of the use of Flash Player, in combination with browsers and off course especially with the Brave browser.


Hi Selaena,

Adobe flash player can work in a sandbox environment but is not recommended as it’s not safe. If you use it for playing games on an android device then there are special browsers or players that can be installed.

Hi Rahul (@rchekuri),

Ok thank you, so Brave browser will never use Flash Player? Even if I install Flash Player on my laptop, Brave browser will not use it? Should I delete Flash Player from my laptop?


Most browsers and Adobe will stop support to Flash player as the application is not sure and hackers can get to user data.
But if you like to use it for something important then please refer to the following link

Thanks and regards,

Hi Rahul (@rchekuri),

I searched for Flash Player at this forum but not at The Brave help center.
Thank you for your explanation and link, I appreciate it.


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