Add on and Subdomains


Is there any plan for Brave verification to be possible on Add on or Sub domains? Like it exists for Youtube, but for any other site.

At the moment, you can verify for any domain, like “

But you can’t verify “” or “”, it just says that the domain has already been verified.

This would be hugely beneficial for businesses or sites that support multiple creators, and want them to be verified and gain BAT directly, rather than supporters feeding the main site, and then the site having to distribute according to their creators traffic and contributions.


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I think subdomains 100% need to be verifiable. The other stuff (verifying /folderName) is interesting as it would allow peer to peer tipping in some cases. In fact if that existed publisher growth would soar and userbases would grow :+1: good thoughts!

I am new to Brave/BAT and very happy so far.


@joshuadd79 – Correct, they would need to be verifiable. It’s done this way with YouTube and other channels. As an example, Brave supports streamers on based on their URL (

@ben In the future, various sites could be supported the same way, like Twitter. :slight_smile: See here:


I’m glad to see there is an opportunity for smaller sites to support creators this way, as the structure exists already for Twitch and Youtube.

What is the best way to stay in the loop and find out when specific things like this get rolled out, that may not be on the roadmap? I could deploy this today for a number of sites if it was possible, and I’d like to use it as soon as it’s available.



For this, I’d check out Brave on Github if you want to see what could be coming out, and for when things are officially released.

You may also see various features added to the Dev version, if you want to take that for a spin.

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