About the Innovative Giving category

Using Brave and Basic Attention Token, we can change the world one donation at a time. Tipping and automatic contributions make this easy to do.

In this part of the forum, let’s discuss ways we can give to make the world a better place through creative giving!

What charities can we positively impact? What charities can we build with BAT? What sort of creative ways can we use BAT to impact the world?

We’ve had many charities work with our partner The Giving Block on accepting cryptocurrencies and utility tokens (like Basic Attention Token) as donations. For instance:

  • Lupus Foundation of America - works to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus.
  • Human Rights Foundation - Believe Bitcoin is a tool for freedom, and key for privacy and human rights.
  • Dementia Society of America - Exploring what blockchain and crypto mean for ending Dementia.
  • Code to Inspire - Teaching Afghan women to code blockchain, paying them in Bitcoin.

Let’s discuss these topics and more in this section of the forum!

I had a really strange behavior of the BAT wallet of brave today . It send some BAT without i did anything! Here the Uphold log: You sent 20.00 BAT to @BravePublishers.
completed 8 hours ago. I never did any transaction - I am really interested in Brave and BAT but this is a complete NoGo and destroys my trust in the wallet! I like the project and i like giving but only if i decide to give!